5. Dashboards

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Emoncms dashboards:

  1. Application specific dashboard Apps
  2. Emoncms Android App
  3. Custom using dashboard Builder drag’n-drop editor

Note: Dashboard configuration setup is identical on local Emoncms and Emoncms.org.

1. Application Specific Dashboards

My Home Energy

My home energy

My Solar PV

My solar PV

Application Specific Dashboards Video Guide

2. Emoncms Android App

Get it on Google Play

3. Emoncms iOS App


Get it on Google Play

4. Dashboard Editor

Custom dashboards can be created by drag and dropping widgets and graphs onto a canvas. See Emoncms Showcase forum for an example of what’s possible.

Dashboard Editor Video Guide

Community created video tutorial for creating a Emoncms dashboard with a custom background (advanced):

Advanced Emoncms

For tutorials on the more advanced functions see the Emoncms user guide section:

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