2. Install

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emonpi install

Please read the CT installation guide before installing. Your safety is your responsibility. Clip-on current sensors are non-invasive and should not have direct contact with the AC mains. However, installing the sensors will require working in close proximity to cables carrying high voltage. As a precaution, we recommend ensuring the cables are fully isolated; i.e., switch off the power prior to installing your sensors and proceed slowly with care. If you have any doubts, seek professional assistance.

  • Clip the CT sensor around either the Line or Neutral cable
  • Connect jack plug into either CT1 or CT2 socket on the emonPi
  • If the power reading is negative, reverse the CT sensor orientation
  • CT sensor cable should not be extended to avoid induced noise
  • For Solar PV install see Solar PV Application page
  • Learn more about how CT sensors work…

The clip-on CT sensors must be clipped round either the Line or Neutral AC wire. NOT BOTH.

CT sensor installation

  • Plug the DC 5V USB adapter into a power outlet
  • Plug the mini-B USB connector into the emonPi
  • High quality minimum 1.2A power supply recommended

  • See Optical Pulse Sensor setup page
  • Connects to emonPi / emonTx via RJ45 connector
  • Self-adhesive velcro attachment to utility meter
  • One optical pulse sensor per emonPi/emonTx
  • Can be used in conjunction with temperature sensors using RJ45 Breakout
  • Connect to emonPi / emonTx via RJ45 connector
  • Up to 6x sensors can be connected using RJ45 Breakout
  • Sensor wire can be extended using RJ45 cable and RJ45 Extender

Installation Examples

home energy

home energy2

The included Wall mount plalstic clips can be attached onto the emonPi / emonTx and held in place by a plastic locking nut.

See Solar PV Application Note for emonPi solar PV install guide & images.

Ensure all sensors are connected before powering up.

a.) Switch on DC & AC power

b.) Check CT sensor(s) & AC Wave are detected:

c.) emonPi should remember WiFi network and re-connect

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