Service Credentials

emonPi Architecture Overview
Fig.1 - emonPi Architecture Overview

Default log-in credentials for latest pre-built emonPi/emonBase ready-to-go SD card.

Note: Before changing any password the root file-system will need to be put into Read Write mode with command $rpi-rw. When finished but file-sysem back to Read Only with $rpi-ro.

To connect to emonPi / emonBase via ssh:

SSH: port 22 user,pass:pi,emonpi2016

On older emonSD images ssh password is raspberry, see emonSD repository & changelog

Once logged in change password with: $ passwd

In case you’re getting error Authentication token manipulation error when changing password, first mount the filesystem as read-write using $rpi-rw.

MYSQL: root user password is emonpimysql2016 and mysql emoncms user password is emonpiemoncmsmysql2016

Mosquitto MQTT server: port:1883 user,pass:emonpi,emonpimqtt2016

Generate a new password using sudo mosquitto_passwd -c /etc/mosquitto/passwd <username>. Then restart mosquitto sudo service mosquitto restart.

If Mosquitto MQTT authentication details are changed they will also need to changed in:

~/oem_openHab/openHab.cfg (symlined to /etc/openhab/configurations/openhab.cfg)
and node red using flows editor

Caution changes to and settings.php will be overwritten by emonPi update. Recommended to undertake manual git pull(s) to update instead.

NodeRED: port:1880 user,pass:emonpi,emonpi2016

change it here: ~/data/node-red/settings.js

OpenHab port:8080 user,pass:pi,emonpi2016

change it here: /etc/openhab/configurations/users.cfg