Service Credentials

emonPi Architecture Overview
Fig.1 - emonPi Architecture Overview

Default log-in credentials for latest pre-built emonPi/emonBase ready-to-go SD card.

Note: Any emonSD image pre emonSD-30Oct18 runs root file-system in read-only mode, the root file-system will need to be put into Read Write mode with command $rpi-rw. When finished put the file-system back to Read Only with $rpi-ro. emonSD-30-18 does not require this step


To connect to emonPi / emonBase via ssh:

  • If running emonSD-30Oct18 or newer SSH is disabled by default
  • SSH can be enabled by either:
    • Creating a file called ssh in the FAT /boot partion on the SD card. This can be done externally using a card reader + PC or using a USB keyboard + HDMI screen to login to the Pi and create the ssh file: sudo touch /boot/ssh. Then reboot sudo reboot
    • Or selecting SSH Enable LCD menu item then pressing and holding the emonPi LCD push-button:

Once enabled, SSH can be disabled in the same way:

SSH: port 22 user,pass:pi,emonpi2016

On very old emonSD images (2015) ssh password is raspberry, see emonSD repository & changelog

Once logged in change password with: $ passwd

In case you’re getting error Authentication token manipulation error when changing password, first mount the filesystem as read-write using $rpi-rw.

If you wish to disable SSH run:

$ sudo /home/pi/emonpi/lcd/./


MYSQL: root user password is emonpimysql2016 and mysql emoncms user password is emonpiemoncmsmysql2016

Note: On newer versions of mysql root access is disabled.


Mosquitto MQTT server: port:1883 user,pass:emonpi,emonpimqtt2016

Generate a new password using sudo mosquitto_passwd -c /etc/mosquitto/passwd <username>. Then restart mosquitto sudo service mosquitto restart.

If Mosquitto MQTT authentication details are changed they will also need to changed in:

~/oem_openHab/openHab.cfg (symlined to /etc/openhab/configurations/openhab.cfg)
and node red using flows editor

Caution changes to and settings.php will be overwritten by emonPi update. Recommended to undertake manual git pull(s) to update instead.


NodeRED is no longer installed on latest emonSD-30Oct18 it can be installed if required

NodeRED: port:1880 user,pass:emonpi,emonpi2016

change it here: ~/data/node-red/settings.js


OpenHAB is no longer installed on latest emonSD-30Oct18, it can be installed if required

OpenHab port:8080 user,pass:pi,emonpi2016

change it here: /etc/openhab/configurations/users.cfg